Anastasia's Piano Lessons

Hello and welcome!  

I teach students of all ages, from 3 year old beginners through to older, more experienced musicians, with lessons tailored to accommodate individual learning styles, personal goals and musical success. Using accelerated learning techniques, I ensure all my students are performing to their full potential, provide them with challenging material, and most importantly, foster an enjoyable and supportive learning environment.

Lessons incorporate and emphasize the:

  • Continual learning of new pieces
  • Fine tuning and polishing of finished pieces
  • Progression through theory and musical notation workbooks
  • Aural training exercises
  • Sight reading development
  • Understanding music and how to express emotions via music
  • History of music and the periods through which it progressed
  • Development of concentration and memory
  • Achievement of goals, whether they be sitting high level examinations or mastery over a personal favourite piece                                       

Recent News and Events


The new Cinderella movie was only released in Australia last month, and yet I have already had requests from my piano students to learn one of the theme songs. Lavender's Blue is an old English folk song, with a memorable tune and easy-to-sing lyrics, making it a great piece for beginner piano students. 

Due to it's popularity, I have created two simple arrangements for piano in the key of C. The first is aimed at beginner students, or those who may want to use it as sight-reading practice. The second arrangement has a slightly more involved left hand, aimed at students who have been learning a little longer and want to incorporate broken chords into the accompaniment. 

Lavender's Blue - Level 1.pdf Lavender's Blue - Level 1.pdf
Size : 1083.836 Kb
Type : pdf
Lavender's Blue - Level 2.pdf Lavender's Blue - Level 2.pdf
Size : 1099.698 Kb
Type : pdf
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