Lately I have had a fair few students learning the Arabesque by Burgmuller. This is a fantastic piece full of drive and engery, and makes for a very impressive performance piece! I often find however, that students want to play this song at the finished speed as soon as they start learning it! For this reason, I have made a play along piano tutorial, which focuses on developing finger control, in order to develop the technique required to play the piece at a faster, finished speed.

By starting at a slow speed, our fingers develop the control required to play at a faster speed. Doing slow practice is a technique which is beneficial when learning ANY song! It also takes a lot of self control to sit at the piano and play at a slow speed!

When using this video, ensure you have a nice, rounded hand position with curved fingers. Also aim for a nice light touch - this is another aspect that slow practice will help you with.

If you have a metronome at home, try playing the Arabesque on a range of different speeds. if not, then just play along wit the four different speeds in the tutorial video.

If you keep practicing with the metronome and develop great finger control, it will sound something like this!

Happy practicing everyone, and let me know if this video was of help to you!